Date: 8 July, 2020

Artistic Sitting Corner

When we decorate a new house or renovate our house, we first start with furniture. Especially the lounge furniture covers the top of the list. You can find thousands of different examples of living room furniture. In this article, we will present you the most useful and practical ones, namely corner set models, among the lounge furniture. You can get inspiration for your living room and living room decoration from modern and stylish corner set models.

Although the sofa sets, which are made with separate parts, are the latest trend, my corner seats are able to leave behind other sets with their useful and practical structure and modern models. Corner sets, which have successfully undertaken the creation of the center of the room in narrow halls, can create extremely stylish decors with their more compact structure.

This corner set placed adjacent to the wall provided a much more accurate layout than an ordinary sofa set. You can combine this corner set with anthracite color, which can adapt to almost any design, with pillows in any color and style and use it in the places you decorate according to your pleasure. In this decor, the corner set used with white background and wooden floor will adapt to many different floor and wall applications. In addition, the accent colors of the decor are given to throw pillows and paintings, making it an attractive example of modern style.

Perhaps the most popular of the corner sets are models that use different colors and patterns together. The sets of colors and patterns that seem incompatible with each other create quite modern lines. The lighting of the decor, completed with stone-look walls and wooden accessories, is also very successful. With the corner set placed adjacent to the wall, an accurate and regular settlement is provided in the area.

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Model Owner: Diyar Aydogan

Job: Interior Architect

Used Programs: Sketchup+V-Ray

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