Concrete Bath is a natural product used to add Renaissance breezes and achieve cult status, both in architecture and interior design. It is now quite hard to imagine the design of interiors and even furniture without materials: concrete cabinets, countertops, consoles and accessories that can be used in a variety of ways, and classic materials that can be used as an alternative to wood material.

Concrete Bath

Lean concrete walls have become the expression of a new style that concentrates on both internal and external highlights. Especially in the bathroom, the concrete gets a more impressive look when combined with white ceramic.

Concrete is in fact a pure and natural product just like ceramic. Cement made from lime and Clay is mixed with sand, gravel and water, adding other substances such as steel. Material properties such as heavy or light, thin or rough can be controlled by changing the mixture ratio.
The well-milled concrete wall gives an intimate look with the finesse of the sandstone. At this quality, the material is quite understated, providing the perfect platform for modern bathroom design without the limelight.

Concrete Bath Design

The glass fiber elements, which allow daylight to shine through, are processed into modern luminous concrete, making the area appear brighter and softer. This lightweight material gives space perception to small baths used in me by Starck products.

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