Date:30 May, 2020

Concrete Building

It is quite common to use concrete in architectural structures, but it is not so easy to come across gross concrete floor or wall coverings when the interior decoration is in question. However, taking the gross industrial style in the interior walls and floors with the start of concretion, especially in large areas, loft-style homes and contemporary designs, unusual living space decoration adopts the idea started appearing in re.

It is undeniable that living space designs created using gross concrete have a lean and versatile appeal. Moreover, the appearance of gross concrete can now be applied in many different ways thanks to the technological and decorative innovations that have developed. The magnificent industrial style that bare concrete adds to the living areas can now be applied with a flawless gloss or an impressive texture when desired, or with a technique resembling natural stones thanks to aggregate concrete.

Fibercement wall panels

Bare concrete walls or floor coverings can be applied in many different ways as a method, so they can actually adapt to any style. The applications of concrete polished with special concrete polishes or epoxy coatings work wonders in the classic, modern, Scandinavian and minimalist style, while the applications in which the rawest texture of concrete is reflected are among the indispensable ones of the industrial style.

The concrete applications, in which stones and pebbles, called aggregates stand out, are an ideal complement to each interior, from country style to rustic style, warm and friendly.
The concrete appearance has become quite popular again, and of course more practical applications have begun to emerge. Often preferred by professional interior designers looking concrete concrete dyes and give the effect of the application of plaster and especially in recent years, frequently used the concrete texture to your living area gross fibercement in so many different ways you can save.

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Fibercement sheets, which are one of the most practical application methods of concrete floors and walls, are one of the materials that have become widespread every day in recent years. Fibercement stands for fiber reinforced cemented sheet, which is used in both interior surfaces and exterior cladding. The biggest advantage of fibercement is that it is quite easy to apply as it is produced in sheets.


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