3-storey modern villa

A 3-storey modern villa is a luxury residential unit built based on contemporary architectural design principles and usually covers a large area. This type of villas are designed to suit the modern lifestyle and combine spacious interiors, contemporary details and functionality.

The first floor usually contains social areas such as a large living room, guest room or study. Designed in a modern style, these spaces are often open-plan, may be surrounded by large glass walls, and create a unified atmosphere between indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the first floor can often include a kitchen, dining area, and doors that provide access to a first-floor terrace or garden.

The second floor usually contains bedrooms. The master bedroom can often have a private bathroom and ample closet space. Additionally, rooms with functions such as other bedrooms, children’s rooms or guest rooms can be located on the second floor. This floor can often include a sitting area or an extension to the first floor living room.

The third floor is usually dedicated to private use areas such as an additional living area, entertainment room, gym or terrace. This floor offers residents a private place for relaxation or entertainment.

Modern three-storey villas can also have contemporary features such as energy efficiency, smart home technologies and environmentally friendly design principles. Large glass surfaces, minimalist interior design elements and strong geometric forms emphasize the aesthetic characteristics of such villas.

As a result, a modern three-storey villa is a spacious, functional and aesthetically striking residential unit that combines a luxurious lifestyle and features offered by contemporary design.