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In modern architecture, interior and exterior doors are important elements that complement the design of spaces by combining important elements such as functionality, aesthetics and durability. While interior doors provide transitions between rooms, exterior doors are important as part of the security of homes and their relationship with the outside world.

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Interior doors are usually made of wood, metal, glass or composite materials. Wooden doors offer a warm and natural aesthetic, while metal doors provide a modern look and durability. Glass doors, on the other hand, allow for spaciousness and the passage of light. Modern interior doors usually have a simple and minimalist design. Ornaments and details are kept to a minimum and they usually have straight lines. In terms of functionality, practical opening and closing mechanisms are preferred. Different opening systems such as sliding, folding or pivot can be used. Color and coating options are also offered in a wide range and adapt to the decoration of the room.

Exterior doors are important for the security of the house, weather resistance and aesthetics. They are made of durable materials and are usually equipped with security locks. They are specially designed to be weatherproof and can be long-lasting with the right finish and maintenance. Aesthetically, they are designed to match the exterior of the house. Minimalist lines, geometric patterns or glass details are often used. Well-insulated exterior doors, energy efficiency