Date:30 May, 2020

Forest House

Today’s guest of our page is a super modern country house located in the pine forests. Although country-style architecture or wooden, rustic huts are often thought of as country houses, contemporary buildings with hard and sharp lines contrasting with the amorphous form of nature are also quite popular.
This kind of cubic structure, which has a shape that we can refer to as the opposite of nature in its surroundings, but which is astonishingly in harmony with its surroundings, reminds me of the monoliths in Stanley Kubrick’s famous film 2001: A Space Odyssey (2001: A Space Epic).

Forest House

Although these modern cottages are generally Cubic and built with highly technologically advanced building materials, they have little details to adapt to the nature around them. In the house we will examine today, such detail was used in the facade work. Let’s take a closer look at this country house with contemporary architecture.
Located at the foot of the hills covered with pine forests, the residence is a magnificent contrast to its natural environment with its cubic structure with sharp lines. Normally, many architects would consider it appropriate to paint a more rustic residential architecture in such a forest-covered location, but this bold choice has indeed made a unique difference.
This super-modern, wooden structure inside the pine forests and green grass area blends perfectly with the most beautiful shade of coffee, despite its stark contrast with the environment it is in.

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Downloads: 552
Model Owner: Diyar Aydogan

Job: Interior Architect

Used Programs: Sketchup+V-Ray 2.00

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