Date:27 May, 2020
Futuristic Modern Building

Futuristic Modern Building

We can call this work Futuristic Modern Building.
The model was completely modeled in Sketchup and its plugins.
A modeling time of about 20 minutes. I modeled the parametric shapes and tried to put them into order automatic rotate and scale. As a result, this model was revealed.

Futuristic Modern Building

In my free time, I am looking for examples for inspiration and trying to come up with uniqe models.
I hope you will like it. It will continue.
Thank you very much for your comments and criticism for now.
You can also download and work on it.
I want to see your works and visualisations which are made by this model.

Taha Dülgar / Visual Artist-3D Designer

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Downloads: 378
Model Owner: Taha DÜLGAR

Job: Architect

Used Programs: Sketchup | Lumion | Vray

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