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Loft Modern House

Loft Modern House The idea of ​​loft space is quite attractive and interesting for a growing number of young people around the world. So what is a loft space? Loft in summary means a large and undivided floor on a factory, warehouse or another industrial area. It’s sort of like a big studio with no walls between the rooms. Sometimes the size is designed vertically and a bedroom in the form of a mezzanine is added to the space by making use of the high ceiling.

Loft in interior design; It is characterized by industrial features such as high ceilings, untreated brick walls, exposed beams, pipes and concrete floors. This style is a big trend that has become extremely popular both in the USA and Europe, and examples of loft-style houses are increasing in our country. However, although the loft space decoration does not require a lot of items, it is considered one of the most expensive styles in the design.

Loft Modern House

A good way to separate areas in loft houses is to use furniture as dividers. Since the number of walls and doors will be low, you can separate the kitchen and the hall by using a high island bench and stools. Similarly, carpet or other floor coverings can help you distinguish different areas. Rugs are strategically highly functional to determine the boundaries of the rooms. For example, a rectangular carpet can be placed to mark the corridor entrance, or you can use a carpet diagonally to move from one room to another. Apart from the carpet, the wall colors also function similarly to draw the boundaries between the rooms.

The type of furniture you use is as important as how you organize it. For example, one-piece long L seats can not only maximize space, but also help the border between rooms. Large pot plants can also be strategically placed to fill areas that need some space or separation. You also need to consider what the focus of such a large area should be. Ideally, a home living room should be the most social space. But you should not forget that you should arrange according to the existing area, as the borders with other rooms are not separated by the wall. Finally, large, unusual and impressive furniture can become the focal point of the whole space in the center of the large loft space and helps balance the space as a whole.

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