Date:30 May, 2020

Lux Modern Villa

Modern Villa Decorations

You don’t need a great view of the Bay, or a great foothills. The modern villas promise you peace, joy and grandeur. The modern Villa concept, designed with a modern, dynamic architecture concept, has smart home technologies, sauna, pool, botanical gardens, rich landscape areas, gym and many other facilities.
The Modern Villa projects, which shift your living areas out of the city and multiply away from noise, anxiety and stress, ensure that you live each season in the comfort of summer, in a calm and peaceful manner.

Personalize your decoration

In modern Villa design you need to think of a combination of luxury and comfort. Architectural and interior architectural elements must be evaluated together to create a large, ostentatious living space. Special Design Villas decorated with personalized details make a difference with their decorations.

Opt for large windows

The lighting elements that change the whole atmosphere are important in modern Villa decoration. Both natural light and artificial lighting are important in decorative details. Opt for large, large windows to keep natural light inside. For a bright and spacious space, you can change the atmosphere of your living space by letting in natural light and solar energy. The windows that surround the House will carry the sunlight in, creating a bright and spacious atmosphere at all times.

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Downloads: 892
Model Owner: Hulya Kocyigit

Job: 3D Artist

Used Programs: Sketchup+V-Ray

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