The meaning of the word Villa, according to the current Turkish dictionary of the Turkish language institution, summer house or outside the city garden, is defined as a detached house. The concept of the Villa is based mainly on ancient Rome; in ancient Rome, the houses built by wealthy landowners and the upper class in rural areas were called villas. But of course the use of the word villa has expanded and changed considerably since then.

Lux Villa

Although basically detached houses with gardens are called villas, we often call villas with one or two floors, which are more luxurious, more modern and showy than ordinary detached houses in terms of architecture. Villas have always been the houses that adorn the dreams of all of us, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of quality of life and comfort.

But usually when we call them villas, we always think of houses with certain patterns. However, with the development of architectural styles and building technology, more and more different and unusual villa models began to be made.

Today, in this article, we will be the guest of the most outstanding villa models, which stunned those who saw it and also fascinated him, dazzling and aesthetic.When we think of the Villa, we always think of white and concrete buildings, right? However, villas made of wooden materials are closer to the concept of villas in historical terms, and they have a warm and splendid appearance.

The wooden villa, pictured, is set in a lush green landscape, and with its large area and texture in harmony with nature, it creates a wonderful living space. This villa is reminiscent of Western films with its dark wood material, two-storey structure that is not the same size and its sophisticated appearance is a proof that luxury can be natural and natural at the same time.

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