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Exterior Model

Luxury Chalet

Luxury Chalet

In nature, calm, peaceful, spacious, with plenty of oxygen, natural and extending the life of people, these houses are generally located far outside of the city and in the forest, and on mountain slopes and hills. These houses have been built for hundreds of years and have been designed with modern architecture and built in the heart of nature with their dazzling beauty, harmony, aesthetics and visuals, as well as chalets that fascinate people. Today, these chalets, which are fashionable for people fleeing from the noise of the city and the stress of work, have become widespread and preferred because they are away from all kinds of mass media, they return to their essence and meet every need for human survival. Homify brings together chalets with different designs for you and offers you alternative ideas by examining them.

Harmony of stone and concrete

The chalet in this picture was built entirely on harmony and with the use of stone and concrete in an aesthetic order, a very visual chalet emerged. In addition, the garden is compatible with the House has increased the beauty of the House. A verandah was built in front of the House, helped by the roof, and a very beautiful house was built flawlessly.

Modern houses

This modern house, preferred by city dwellers who want to live a natural life in the heart of nature, looks magnificent with its modern architecture, the use of natural stone and the visual appearance of wood being placed within the architecture. In the garden, the preferred Bridal Veil Yesil flower is used in a combination of green and red color has been made. In addition, the visual and charm of the garden landscape allows the inhabitants of this house to live a natural life within nature.

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