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Bar-CafeInterior Model

Luxury İnterior Wood Cafe

Luxury İnterior Wood Cafe

Cafe design plays an important role for customers to choose you. But what kind of cafe are you going to open? how the decor will be, what materials you will use, let us help you with this.

District selection
Cafe location selection

Finding a shop in a location where you can reach your target customer is the first step. You can determine which type of customer your profile will appeal to with the variety of products you plan to sell. If you have a menu that is mainly food, you have a menu that consists of middle and upper age coffee varieties or fast food, then you will appeal to the younger section. One of the first steps you should take when determining where to open a shop is to examine the area’s age group and potential customer profile.

Cafe design and design

After determining your customer profile, design work begins, as a business owner you can work in peace first, determine colors and products to reflect your style, second, consider the expectations of your customer in the final stage combine the visual of the place with the product to be sold. Recently, all cafes prefer similar dark colors, you make a difference and use vibrant colors, people love to try different things.


As much as the name of the cafe to be opened, the design of the sign that allows its name to be noticed by people is very important. Size color and lighting are very important that can attract people’s attention. Excessive exaggeration should be avoided, a simple and effective design should be prepared.

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Cafe Layout

The interior layout in your head should be in a way that highlights the comfort of the customers, and you should also set up functional areas where the staff can move comfortably. Employees are always more productive where they are happy.

Quality product selection

You will use the table chairs and other products necessarily give importance to quality, thinking that you will cost more cheaply avoid getting poor quality materials quality materials in time you will attract more customers, but you will see that you can use them for longer without spoiling.

Cafe Lighting

Avoid setting up a very bright space, the dim environment, the better quality you will get. White color do not use light prefer daylight colors this way you will get a warmer ambience.

Cafe Scent

Your place has to have a special smell, people record places according to the smell in their memory, and this is one of the important factors in me choosing that place again. It should be noted that the smell should not be used elsewhere.

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Model Owner: Vo Ngoc Quang

Job: 3d Artist

Used Programs: Sketchup + V-Ray

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