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Luxury Wood Bathroom

Although living in a fancy and luxurious house is everyone’s dream, few people have this dream. Bathing in sea-view bathrooms furnished with marble, and relaxing in hot tubs are unique pleasures for lucky homeowners. In this article we have selected luxury bathroom designs from around the world. The distinctive features of these bathrooms include being spacious and equipped with expensive stones and accessories. You should definitely see these bathrooms to take a look at how lucky people live.

The aesthetic that comes with lighting

This modern bathroom with its distinctive design brings to mind a sense of luxury. The designers have created a natural atmosphere using wood and transparent glass. The glass from the ceiling to the bottom gives the appearance of a waterfall in the forest and integrates with the blue carpet, which stands on the floor like a pond. The yellow light that floats through the lights hidden between the mirrors and the shelves creates an air that floats through the branches of the trees as if it were daylight.


his project is not immediately visible when viewed from the outside with horizontal lines and volume emphasis. The materials used in the house, which has a large open space, match The Shape of the house and the rich vegetation. The understated tub in the bathroom with Minimalist lines to the fore is a long sink counter, complete with cabinet in shades of Brown.


We are confident that the neutral tones chosen in the design will prevent this bath from becoming obsolete over time.

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The original bathroom furniture and accessories stand out in these abanyolarda. This bathroom, which looks like Japanese architecture, also stands out with its shades and spatial dimensions of the items. In this respect, it looks more like a temple to purify the soul than a bath. This bathroom can turn into a place where every moment of the day can be spent.

Downloads: 1887
Model Owner: Diyar Aydogan

Job: Interior Architect

Used Programs: Sketchup+V-Ray 2.00

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