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Marble Modern Bedroom

Marble, which is frequently used in ancient Greek and Roman works, remains a stylish design element even though it cannot be used in all parts of today’s houses due to its cost. Homify experts also examined the designs made from this impressive stone material, which incorporates different colors and natural patterns, and prepared a selection of the most striking examples.

Marble, as you can imagine, is often a preferred material in luxury residences and offices. We also see a unique example of this use in photography. This luxury bedroom apartment has large windowed walls and floor tiles clad in marble. The color and smooth surface of the marble added to the greatness of the leather armchair set, crystal chandelier and elegant window joinery reinforced. In addition, marble, large windows in the summer months can be sweltering hot in this apartment with the structure managed to add a refreshing air.


If you want to use a number of luxurious and gaudy accessories in your home, your stop will be marble again. The marble, which can be obtained with its workings applied to the wall coverings, can give very impressive results at the door entrances. The design in the photograph also features a half column designed to accommodate the Wallwork as well as the majestic candelabra. This house, which is used in almost every part of marble, is a good example of how luxury can be exhibited without escaping the ruckus.

Convenient and stylish

In the example in this photograph, we see what an excellent decision it is to use marble as a floor. This floor is where light and dark colors are used together to form geometric shapes. The marble floor, which somewhat reduces the depressing effects of the hot climate with its structure that traps the cold, has been used together with a completely different alternative in the dining room. Located in the same room with dark oak wood, the marble flooring offers elegance and usefulness at the same time.

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Marble tables and coffee tables have a particularly successful role in filling large areas… Furniture made using marble materials and decorated with metal details to enhance elegance in areas such as halls, offices or living rooms leaves a more noble and serious effect on the decoration. The use of marble products, especially in office decorations, is increasing day by day… as in every furniture, there are some disadvantages of marble furniture. Because of the heavy production material, this kind of furniture can be a bit annoying about the portability. However, if you are not constantly changing the location of your furniture in home and office decorations, the small problem of this situation is eliminated. On the other hand, the fact that it is easy to clean, not wear and has a more durable structure increases the reasons why marble furniture is preferred. Marble furniture made of high quality material has a period of use that can challenge years, and it creates a different and modern alternative space for those who want permanent solutions in decoration.

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Model Owner: Diyar Aydogan

Job: Interior Architect

Used Programs: Sketchup+V-Ray 2.00

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