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Exterior Model

Modern Concrete House

Concrete is one of the most important building materials of our century with its applications that respond to different requirements in different areas. Today it is the leading carrier structure in architecture and civil engineering applications in the field of construction
precast and prefabricated buildings used for various purposes in the construction of cladding, filling and insulation works, decorative surfaces and concrete materials
it is also utilized in the production of materials and elements.

Every kind of climate

ease of application in conditions, the desired aesthetic effect with different mold types
concrete is an indispensable material in architectural form.
Concrete material, XX. starting in the second half of the century, it was used in some applications without being coated with any material, as it came out of the mold.

The concrete used in this way has been called’ gross concrete’. In this statement, gross concrete
its use in architecture has been shown on examples applied in Turkey and abroad by taking into consideration the visual effects of tissue differentiation in gross concrete molds.


Gross concrete and architectural applications
Gross concrete, the upper surface of which is left with its natural appearance to be seen, or various
textural effects sought, high quality and extreme care in mold system concrete
they are surfaces.

It was first used in Germany in the 1910s. 1913 in Breslau
made M. Berg’s Jahrhunderthalle was made entirely of gross concrete .
Gross concrete material, in practice can be considered as a surface of the carrier system
or it can be used as a coating element.

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Interior and exterior surfaces of buildings,

in the bounding wall elements between the building and the outer perimeter, retaining walls, etc.
as applicable in many places.. The natural color of the gross concrete material is gray
besides, it can be obtained in desired color by various methods .

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