Date:27 May, 2020

Modern House

Modern House
Massive mansions, luxury villas or the most magnificent apartments of the city are required for houses that used to decorate people’s dreams.
Nowadays, architectural designs are also diversified to choose a sign of wealth to be a home owner, and it is not only luxurious and glamorous architects, but it also amazes itself.

Modern House

The increase in the need for a home, even if the coastline is small, has increased the production of small but dazzling houses.
Modern houses are being renovated, wooden houses are now being built with more robust and modern methods, and natural stone houses have also become popular again … So, reinforced concrete.

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Model Owner: Mimar Günay SAYDAM | Ayşe Nur Şeker

Job: Mimar

Used Programs: Sketchup | Lumion

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