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Modern Seating Corner

The seating group is the most important part of home decoration. You want to have quality seating groups that you will enjoy for many years. It is also important to find the model that fits your style in rich varieties. In Ider Furniture, You can easily find seating groups that match all these features.

The choice of furniture is a job that demands rigour. In home decoration, wall color, floor covering and furniture are ranked in the top three. An accurate seating group that adapts to the space creates perfect differences in living spaces.

With the awareness of this, Ider furniture continues to sign quality and modern furniture from the past to the present and offers you different options. If you want to change your seating group at the moment, you can easily find models that reflect your style in Ider furniture, but you must first look at the following tricks to complete your decoration in the most accurate way…

Meet Models Without Borders

Today, every trend has a time limit. A piece of furniture you bought this year, next year may be out of fashion. Who would not want to have a seating group that is compatible with the current decoration but is not outdated. That’s exactly the definition of timeless furniture. Classic or modern style furniture turns into an unfashionable style with the smallest detail. If you want to buy a classic seating group but want to carry modern lines too: you should prefer modern quilted stitching on a classic footed and velvet upholstered seat. Or, if you’re looking for a modern-style seat with a little bit of a classic breeze: you might prefer the ones with curved armrests and quilted stitching.

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Tricks Of Decorating With Living Room Sets

The warm living rooms, where you have pleasant conversations with your family, are one of the most special areas of your home. You can turn this area, which is so important to you, into a more convenient and stylish one. You should consider the size of your room first. If your living room is small, large and bulky furniture makes your room constricting and stifling. Smaller and lighter-tone seating groups create a spacious atmosphere in your room. If White is 60% dominant in your room: black, which is the contrast of White, should be used at 40%. Choose the gray color, which is close to the contrast, by 10%. Make your room more bright, spacious and simple with modern-style seating groups. If your room is narrow and long, you can put a television unit on one of the two long walls and a triple seat on the other and use berjer on the short wall. You can easily use all the parts of the seating group in the large lounge and living rooms. L-type seating groups would not be suitable as large rooms would remain around the corner. These groups are suitable for medium sized rooms.

Take The Seating Group As Long As You Pay The Per-Piece Price

Seating groups sold in teams in past years have now been replaced by piecemeal sales. It is now very easy to buy seats with this new method that makes your budget quite comfortable. Depending on the size of the room, you can get any number of double, triple and single seats. Therefore, the seating group models and prices vary according to the number of parts purchased. The quality of the material used in the seat you buy is undoubtedly an effective factor on the price.
The sine qua non of the seating group: comfort, functionality and usability
Just like the style of the seats you buy after a short time does not appeal to you. You should look for three basic features in the seating group you will receive. Comfort, functionality and ease of use. With ergonomic seats with soft padding, you experience the pinnacle of comfort. Those with beds when opened and those with storage space are highly functional. Easy to clean and stain-resistant ones provide you with ease of use. If you want to get a seating group with timeless models creating innovation Ider Furniture’ You must check out. The most stylish, top quality furniture and Budget-free seating Group prices are waiting for you now in Ider.

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Model Owner: Diyar Aydogan

Job: Interior Architect

Used Programs: Sketchup+V-Ray 2.00

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