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Pop-Art Artistic Work

Pop Art artists have made use of ready-made images. They have transferred objects that are part of the everyday life of art lovers and all audiences to two-dimensional surfaces.

Tin cans, Coca Cola bottles, cigarette packs, hamburgers and various other foods and beverages have become indispensable in this movement.

It has given artistic meaning to the ordinary objects of the everyday life of American society in particular. Advertisements, comic books, posters, and period artists, particularly those closely involved with The Hollywood industry, have also effectively employed popular movie stars.

Marlyn Monroe and Pop Art

The most famous of these is undoubtedly Marlyn Monroe. They also created an image of a woman with it. In the image of women, sexuality was wanted to be kept in the foreground and used as a navigational object.
She was particularly careful to be pictured being blonde, red-lipped and ‘sexy’. But Tom Wesselman doesn’t even have a face in his paintings. Here it is used only as a cultural stereotype so it is simplified and generalized…
Photos which were taken from newspapers and magazines, non-essential, bringing together a number of objects, human and individual signs, extreme measurements about objects, photos, and calendars mechanical signs, simple, pretty motifs and techniques, the repetitive use of the same objects or things, films, Illustrated magazines, and in advertisements, consumer-oriented they were using images in your work.
This art movement used the power of the media to make their voices heard to a wider audience than any art movement in the history of art could reach.
N.‘ The artists in this group were attracted to mass imagery, and often in a simple way, they combined it with their own understanding of art to reveal their interest, ‘ Lyton said.’
Different, Colorful, Fun…
By the 1960s, pop art had replaced Abstract Expressionism. He made strong use of the regional and local symbols of America’s daily life and was widely liked and accepted.
Everyone from artists to the public at the time regarded mass media as the father of this movement. This new art movement, both warrior and fun, soon entered the music market and gained great success in the 1960s with an extraordinary interest. It was new, it was different, it was colorful and it was fun…

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