Deciding to buy furniture for decors such as Chesterfield armchairs, living room, living room, study room is a model for everyone to review. Chester armchairs using the ever-popular popularity, are filling furniture furniture with models produced in different styles and colors. In this article, we have compiled chester seat suggestions for seat selection, which is an important part of home decoration. Different chester seat models, which you can use from each other, will add the property to the planned plan.

Small Chester Sofa

To mention a little about the history of the model, the first production of the chesterfield sofa is known to have been made in the Anglo-saxon region of England, required by the 1600s, by 4th Earl Chesterfield. Button modeling with equal intervals on a quilted leather upholstery sofa becomes the definition of the next model sofa. The model, which is in the hands of craftsmen who live in the market town of Chesterfield, has become a culture in itself over time. For many years, it decorates the houses of lords, artists, politicians, and over time it becomes the coolest furniture of our living rooms. Since the old used chester armchairs have become an art object, the fading and abrasions on their leather are not acceptable in their own interior style, they have also been applied to new models. Chester is a model for labor and craftsmanship, with its materials such as seat, frame, padding, leather or fabric cover, upholstery and button.


File Type: SketchUp 2017, Blender 2.79, OBJ, 3DS Max 2019

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Model Owner: Metin Nergiz

Job: 3D Art

Used Programs: Marvelous Designer

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