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Soft Living Room

Soft Living Room Home decoration is the first place that comes to mind and the first place held is the communal living areas where guests are entertained. The halls consist of a minimum of 12 square meters in Turkey. When designing a Hall according to the style and style to be applied, it can carry our likes, personality or characteristic elements. The most important element here is not only the individual needs but also the comfort and comfort of the guests and the household.
Halls, wall floor, floor coverings, ceiling decor, furniture and accessories, textures, colors, forms and more are the only common living areas of the house where the details are taken into consideration. Gaudy and sumptuous decorative elements can be included here, as well as a minimalist and sophisticated approach to make a difference in the decoration of the salon. You can adopt different styles and styles in the decoration of the hall and make a result that appeals to the eye. You can capture an eclectic style by combining different style elements such as rural style, rustic or Mediterranean style, and just designing a colonial style lounge will make a big difference. There is no need to use too many items and accessories when furnishing a salon.

Elements of symmetry and asymmetry

The importance of natural color tones in the decoration of the hall is the primary elements in creating a peaceful living space. With a coffee table model representing asymmetry, symmetry harmony comes to the fore to make a difference in a classically designed Hall. The hall is designed with the element of symmetry, wall decor, furniture and accessories in the placement of the element of symmetry by paying attention to almost a mirror reflection of the harmony and harmony is provided.
For those who prefer to emphasize symmetry harmony, classical style elements and for those who want to make a difference with asymmetrical details, modern and minimalist approaches with geometric forms can attract your attention. Natural colours make it easy to create a peaceful atmosphere in the decoration of the Hall. Colors such as brown, cream or beige are among the natural colors. While it is possible to create a peaceful atmosphere with natural colours and textures, you can make a big difference in the decoration of a hall, which is completed by combining elements of functionality with furniture that offers comfort.


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