Tesla Cyber Truck 3D Free Car Model. Tesla CEO Elon Musk Companies went on stage at an event in California and introduced the first electric pick-up model Cybertruck. Tesla Cybertruck draws attention with its features.

Musk made a show at the event to show the robustness of the truck. He must have been hit with a sledgehammer and was allegedly bullet resistant. When the durability of the glass was asked to be shown, things went wrong. Metal ball Franz von Holzhausen, thrown by Tesla’s design chief, damaged two windows.

Tesla Cybertruck features

This vehicle, which has an extraordinary design of Tesla, comes with three different range options: 250 miles, 300 miles and 500 miles. When we convert this to KM, we see a range between 400 KM and 800 KM

Although pickups seem to be in the background in the electric vehicle industry, it’s only a few years before things change. As the electric Ford F-150 began to showcase its capabilities, General Motors announced it would launch its first electric pickup model in 2021.

Tesla Cybertruck prices ?

Backed by Amazon, Rivian is preparing to launch a similar vehicle in late 2020. In this context, Tesla Cyberturk appeared before these companies as the biggest competitor.

Has Tesla Cybertruck won your appreciation with its features? How do you think the Tesla Cybertruck price? We look forward to your comments

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