Date: 8 July, 2020

Single Wall Kitchen

This kitchen, which has two countertops, offers the most suitable solution. Kitchen width in terms of use less than 220 cm, 300 cm should not be more.

Single Wall Kitchen

This kitchen, which has two countertops, offers the most suitable solution. Kitchen width in terms of use less than 220 cm, 300 cm should not be more. Windows should again be arranged on narrow sides. The entrance to the kitchen is usually through a narrow-edged Wall. Balconies can be found on the outward front of such kitchens.2. The counter is also used as a dining table, thus creating a functionally rich kitchen type. Although it is a popular kitchen throughout the world, Turkey is a type of kitchen that is not used much.In this way, open kitchen and bar type solutions can be produced.

Professional Kitchen Design In 10 Steps

1.Don’t Block The Magic Triangle

3 most important things in kitchens:
Fountain, refrigerator and January
Close to all the activities in the kitchen are among these three products. So never, ever resort to an item or kitchen design that will block you between this triangle.
One of the most common mistakes, especially in island kitchens, is the hindrance of this trio. Because the view is beautiful, an island is made between January and fridge or between Fountain and fridge and the cooking that gives you pleasure turns into agony because it takes away so much energy.

2.Don’t Waste Storage Compartments

Almost every gap in the kitchen can be closed because of the new trends and the companies producing kitchen accessories are in very serious competition.You can have cabinet mechanisms built over the spaces prepared for refrigerators. an average refrigerator is around 180-185 cm. You can stack the kitchen utensils you don’t use very often but want them to be with you in the kitchen with the additional cabinets you will have made on these cabinets.Small items into small compartments: the kitchen is not just a piece of furniture that comes together from equal lengths of lids and compartments. Only 1 karış wide deceleration mechanism and the compartments that will be opened when you touch it will prevent your clutter as well as spices, pasta, jam, rice, noodles, such as small molds can fit your products with comfort.

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3.Upper Cabinet Width (Refreshment))

Whatever the depth measure is determined. The upper cabinets on top of the tap as much as possible to be bottom top and the depth of the part close to the ground to be less deep than the other depths. The sentence is a bit of a mess, but if I’m going to say it in public. When washing dishes or cleaning fruits and vegetables, keep this cabinet narrower so that your head does not feel pounding in the top closet, if possible, only 1-2 cups to fit in depth !!!!
The same is true in the counter section where you will prepare the dishes continuously. At the design stage, choose a section for yourself and tell the person or institution that you will cook in this section so that the upper cabinet should be narrower here.
If you have time to read this article, type and search Google kitchen cabinet pictures. You’ll see that almost none of them are designed that way.

4. Lighting

With a few small changes to make in the kitchen, you can save money and make your meals in a more spacious environment. I have some lighting tips I’d like you to do downstairs.
1. If the wall opposite your tap or food preparation section (the wall where kitchen cabinets are installed) is facing an open front, if possible, break the back of the tap and make a window at least 120cm wide. This length may vary according to the size of the kitchen, for example, if you will have an L-shaped kitchen and enough upper cabinet yaptırabileceksınız window to enlarge, but if you will have a single front kitchen window is useful to keep small 
2.You can use fluorescence in kitchens with ceiling height up to 4 meters. If the height is in the range of 4-6 meters, we recommend a suspended fluorescent system. If your ceiling is 6 meters above, we recommend that you use high frequency fluorescence, which is controlled by daylight in a vertical or horizontal way, so that daylight can enter through the windows sufficiently.
3. If it is available on your set, getting a light Hood will provide additional light to you when cooking.
4. The lighting system placed just below the top cabinets on the counter tops will completely save you from the problem of light. You can choose single round lighting, triangular at the corners or LED strip at the corners. Our severe advice is led strip, but please do not choose Amusement Park colors when choosing colors. (Personal comment your kitchen looks very rickety)
5. Behind-the-counter protection, counter and under-drawer protection
Another special case that is often seen as unnecessary or empty costs is the protection of areas that will be exposed to water and moisture in the kitchen. Bench bottoms, cabinets where cleaning items will be placed, closet backs where the expense pipes are located, half-size or full-size wall behind the fountain. These are places that need serious protection. It can be interpreted that this protection was originally made for the long-term use of your kitchen cabinet, but it is also an element that determines how sterile you will be when you prepare your meals. Bacteria that will occur due to moisture or waiting water may be the worst enemy of the food you prepare and even that food may harm your family as a result of carelessness I would like to share some products with you to prevent such situations.

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