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When we think of the young room, we usually think of a room with a bed and a closet, a work desk and other decorative products. Rather than the rooms where young people spend all their time in the same place, it is more accurate that the rooms where they go to sleep and the other rooms are separate. For this reason, recently a concept such as young bedroom sets or young bedroom decoration has emerged.

Only bed and wardrobe, usually work desk, bookshelf, such as the sleeping room do not need to be found in the details of the designs began to come to the fore. So, what should the recent trend of teen bedroom decoration be like? We are trying to make the decoration work easier by answering questions such as what should be brought to the fore in these room decorations and whether there should be any elements for the course work.

Junior bedroom decorations generally consist only of the bed, wardrobe and perhaps the toilet mirror in Girls ‘ Junior Rooms, with its current name the vanity table. Just as adult libraries and work tables are not located in bedrooms, they are located outside in study rooms, and in the same way young people should have this type of stuff in another room. A room with a bed is not a room that provides efficiency in terms of working. No matter what you do, it is not possible to work efficiently in a room with a bed. A room with a bed should not be a study room, especially when it comes to a lesson that is difficult to study and requires extra concentration. The idea that the bedroom should be separate from the study areas in the rooms of young people in high school is a thought that has recently emerged, suggested by experts. In our country, all the children stay in the same room, their own bed and study is unlikely to be considering these new decoration ideas are a bit foreign to us. But it is worth knowing that this is what needs to be done if circumstances permit.

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Model Owner: Kadir Karabulut

Job: Interior Architect

Used Programs: Sketchup+V-Ray

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