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Wood, which is widely used in cool regions such as the Black Sea, is considered a material that adds naturalness to the place. Wood has always been an important material in interior and exterior detail. Of course, the wood needs to be used in the right way in the right place. The wood represents naturalness for interior architecture work. The wood, which takes up a lot of space in interior architecture and decoration, actually largely represents the visual aspect of the work. Increasing durability and facilitating adaptation to climatic conditions is enough to make the wood functional. When the interior design will be put into practice, the wood shows its place in the design in a concrete way. The use of wood takes up a very large area. Beyond the exterior; it is often preferred in the interior of the house, especially in the kitchen. The wood used in interior design continues with the preferred furniture.
The wood of choice in the interior design of the house is accompanied by marble, another strong material. Interior designers, who balance well the harmony of marble and wood, get modern looks. Interior design works are not based solely on items. For example, in the interior walls, a traditional image is obtained from the naturalness of the wood, while the image is modernized with the addition of marble. The synthesis of marble and Wood also increases the quality of living spaces. The diversity in the colour scale of the wood adds elegance to the spaces. Wood, which affects the general atmosphere and even lighting, is preferred in softer and natural tones for open wall designs on the floor. Wood is one of the materials that Interior Architecture likes with both color and texture.
The wood used in houses and businesses gives efficient results in dividing rooms and spaces. Especially in cafes, restaurants and offices, Wood serves as an aesthetic column. The applications of Interior Architecture need to be aesthetic above all else. Durability, aesthetic image, space adaptation, ergonomics and functionality are sought in all materials including wood, marble. Interior architecture takes on design as a whole. The material to be used in the design made for any space or enterprise is evident during the design phase. The design is varied according to the material and the design is adapted during the application. The wood gives functionality to the designs because it is diverse in texture and color.

Use of marble in interior spaces

Marble, which has a wide use area in Turkey, is used extensively in old-style houses or public spaces with mostly classical design. But in recent years, designers have begun to explore this sleek and durable material once again. Moreover, instead of being limited to bathrooms and kitchens, they featured marble-floored designs in different parts of houses and offices. The marble, adapted to Modern designs, not only revives the beautiful memories of the past, it also managed to add a stylish atmosphere to the spaces where it was used.
Marble, which is frequently used in ancient Greek and Roman works, remains a stylish design element even though it cannot be used in all parts of the houses today due to its cost.

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Model Owner: Kadir Karabulut

Job: Interior Architect

Used Programs: Sketchup+V-Ray

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