Date:30 May, 2020

Wood Meeting Room

What Are The Tricks Of Meeting Room Decoration?

The most important decisions in business are often taken in meeting rooms. Sometimes stress and tension can increase during meetings lasting for hours, creative thinking can be suppressed and it is not possible to approach problems from the right points. If you improve your meeting room decoration in your office, you can create a better work environment for yourself and your colleagues, and you can positively influence the course of your meetings. In today’s article on the Ofix blog, we’ll share the basics of boardroom decorating.

We spend most of the day in our office, evaluating important issues or issues during office meetings, and making the most important decisions in our meeting room. The fact that we can work in our meeting room, which is such an important place in our business life, is of great importance for our business performance and productivity. Architectural features of the area we use as a meeting room, the way furniture is positioned, lighting system features, etc. issues can have positive or negative effects on us.

The decoration of the meeting room directly affects the performance and productivity of the employees as well as the image of the company. If we welcome visitors to our office in a well-decorated meeting room, we can create a more positive image of both us and our company. The selection of colors used in the meeting room, the harmony of decorative objects with each other, the way in which auxiliary elements such as tables and mirrors are placed, etc. if we pay attention to the issues, we can strengthen our corporate image.

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You should pay attention to the choice of furniture?

First of all, you should pay attention to the choice of furniture for the decoration of the meeting room. The furniture you will use in your meeting room should be in line with the overall design of your office. If you prefer modern furniture for office decoration, you should also use modern furniture in your meeting room and not create a dissonant image in terms of concept. Likewise, all items that you use in your meeting room must combine with each other. You can create a contrast in the design for the details you want to highlight. However, this contrast should not create an incongruous image both in your meeting room and in the overall design of your office.

It is a great advantage that the furniture you will use in the meeting room is wheeled. Because meeting rooms are one of the most mobile spaces of offices, especially seats and chairs can change frequently during the day. If you prefer wheeled office chairs and chairs in your meeting room, you will not create any restrictions on the participants ‘ ability to move. It is also helpful that your seats and chairs are not too heavy and are easily portable. When determining the size and number of chairs of your meeting table, you should consider the architectural structure of your meeting room and the number of employees. In a small company, there is no need for large meeting rooms and tables, and using them can damage the company’s image.

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You can use office accessories compatible with furniture in your meeting room. However, your accessories must be compatible with the work you do and should create a concept integrity with your decoration. For example, if you are in a maritime business, you may prefer cantilever ornaments with a ship motif. However, if your work has nothing to do with seafaring, you should not keep such objects in your conference room just because you like it. Remember that your meeting room is not your own personal space. Even if you are a company manager, you should make sure that the accessories you use in the meeting room are more relevant to your work than to your personal preferences.

You should use colors and light correctly.

Color preferences in office furniture were formerly limited to black and brown. Today, however, office furniture is produced with beautiful colors and designs. When choosing colors, you should pay attention to the way your office and meeting room use daylight saving. If your office and meeting room are getting enough light, you have a lot of alternatives to your choice of color. However, if you can’t get enough daylight, you should consider only light colors in your color selection. Dark colors absorb light in the environment and reduce the energy of both employees and visitors, increasing the feeling of fatigue.

You shouldn’t exaggerate in lighting.

Lighting systems have the power to directly affect the nature of the work done. Our eyes, one of our five sensory organs, perceive objects and colors only in a certain level of light and contrast. When you get below or above these levels, our quality of vision deteriorates. If you exaggerate about lighting in the decoration of the meeting room, it becomes difficult for the participants to concentrate on the meeting and be productive. The low amount of light can lead to distraction and attention, distance from the subject and purpose of the meeting.

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