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Wood Panel Sink

Wood Panel Sink sinks can be designed to suit both modern and classical style. In the classic style decorations, tumble; in the modern styles, oval, Round, Square or rectangular ones; for more natural appearance, wooden sinks with different designs made without disturbing the shape and texture of the tree may be preferred.

Wood Panel Sink

In addition to the wooden sinks you use, batteries, bathroom countertops, bathroom cabinets and accessories should be suitable for your bathroom decoration.Green, blue, white hues and Yesil decoration are the most preferred designs with wooden sinks.

Wood Panel Sink design

One of the first questions that comes to mind when you mention the wooden sink is whether it is long-lasting. Wooden sinks are easy to use, convenient, durable and healthy. They can be used easily for years because they are resistant to water and moisture when they choose a quality model and are maintained at certain intervals. Wooden sink models in one piece have a longer life than others.


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